~ Today’s Home Skills Lessons ~


~ Keeping the Home Fires Burning

~ Homemade Banana Bread Muffins

~ Homemade Chicken Soup

~ Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies

The house is warm today with the Wood fire burning in the furnace, its rather a damp and cool day outside.  No better day to Bake and Cook up some awesomely good foods.  We worked on our Thankful Turkey and will be working on several others things before next Thursday. I will be adding things to our Photo Journal on our blog and hope you will stop in regularly and grab a cup of coffee or tea !  Sit down for a moment and enjoy what were doing and maybe take home with you some great ideas.  I will be posting reviews of items we use also on this Blog, so get ready to hear about some new things we use and how they worked for us.   Remember that each Family, each child is different, so what works for us may or may not work for you.

But trying something once is worth it if it does work for you.



~ Thanksgiving ~





















I will be trying to add to this post as I find more fun things to use !


~ The Schoolhouse Review Crew ~ I made it !

~  Well I tried out and I made the Schoolhouse Review Crew at TOS  ” The Old Schoolhouse Magazine “.  I am so excited to be doing this and I will be posting my posts to Faithful Acres Books blog and I will also post them here as well.  I really want to build up this blog by adding more homeschool things to it and using it as my journaling Blog for our homeschooling adventures.

~ We learned that we will be able to use a free membership to Schoolhouse Teachers.com where we can view and do free lessons on so many different subjects and that for us will be exciting and it was an answer to prayer that the Lord provided to me by doing reviews and I am so grateful for this blessing.  I actually sat here crying tears of joy over finding out about this.  Thank you Lord for giving to me in ways I never imagined !  Isn’t God wonderful ?  He is totally awesome !

~  I hope you will enjoy following our homeschooling journey this coming New Year !

Until Next Time ….

~ Linda~

~ Old Fashioned Schooling ~



Homeschooling the old fashioned way has always been the ideal , but life changes and the world changes.  So what do we do ?  In TN there were schools where plain children attended school together , where Mammas and older daughters shared in the teaching of everyones children, where before they home schooled at home.  If we were still there we would be homeschooling but it was nice for the children to have that option and moms share the teaching load.   I guess they were doing what women here do, its called Co-op !  Each Parent shares in teaching others children on a subject. For some this is a wonderful thing as Others teach subjects you don’t know much about. ie. Art, Music Lessons, Science Lab, History etc.

And what do you do with Technology ?   Do we forget about it and stay in a ” plain” way or do we use it without abusing it ?  I have a kindle that I won online, I use it to let my children listen to books and I do the same when we are doing house chores or its bedtime.  All reading of books by my children other then this is done from real books.  I think the only reason I like my Kindle Fire is that at night when I am tired , I can still use my ear buds and listen to Bible or a book I am reading to review by using   Text-to-Speech , but I can also turn the page black and use it when everyone else is sleeping. Yes sometimes Mammas don’t get time during the day to sit and read something they enjoy, so after everyone is tucked in and asleep, reading and enjoying a nice cup of Tea can be just the ticket to relax.

My children currently at 11, 10, and 5 are not allowed to use the PC and go online .  I try to keep it this way so that they are not  exposed to  things that are ungodly. Even shows we watch on DVD or on TV  are carefully selected and no one has free reign of flipping channels or just any movie.  We have no movies here in our home that are ungodly, we prefer old fashioned movies like Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables and The Waltons.   Wouldn’t it be nice if things were still old fashioned and simpler like they use to be.

We do have old wooden desks with chairs, lots of books, flashcards , a crank pencil sharpener and try to shun as much high tech stuff as possible.

Did you ever really think about how much  has really changed ?  How much is really needed ? How far we really have to go to fit into society ?  My 11 year old knows how to type and will improve on that and computer skills in the coming years, she loves her Dad’s 3D architect program and paint.  But she also loves to bake, cook and draw free hand.  When I was in school in he 80’s we didn’t have computers, we all took shorthand, typing, business machines, the most high tech thing I  remember is how much stuff could fit on a microfiche machine which was in our library with all the books.  Math was done with the mind, no calculator…  I took 3 years of business Math, Accounting and Bookkeeping… don’t ask me what on earth I was thinking…smile.   I majored in Art and Business for 4 years.  Went on to college for Computer Programming…chuckle !   God had other plans…  I never finished that degree or my first year…   I decided being a Mamma and keeping the home was more important and in all actuality that was the way I was raised and how I was trained at home.

Did you ever think about how life doesn’t change for the Amish or some Mennonite groups ? Where we lived in TN they had no electricity, spring water plumbed into the house, Heat with wood and ran outside to use the outhouse !  Yes in 2008 to present !  Nothing changes even if the grid falls appart or if the government shut down the internet.   Life carries on in a good , godly, wholesome way.  I think that is a good thing.   If I had no electric, I might miss my kindle, but  I guess I could always read paperbacks and write real old fashioned letters.  There are some things that are just better for us in many ways.

~ Head Mistess of Faithful Acres Academy ~