~ The Schoolhouse Review Crew ~ I made it !

~  Well I tried out and I made the Schoolhouse Review Crew at TOS  ” The Old Schoolhouse Magazine “.  I am so excited to be doing this and I will be posting my posts to Faithful Acres Books blog and I will also post them here as well.  I really want to build up this blog by adding more homeschool things to it and using it as my journaling Blog for our homeschooling adventures.

~ We learned that we will be able to use a free membership to Schoolhouse Teachers.com where we can view and do free lessons on so many different subjects and that for us will be exciting and it was an answer to prayer that the Lord provided to me by doing reviews and I am so grateful for this blessing.  I actually sat here crying tears of joy over finding out about this.  Thank you Lord for giving to me in ways I never imagined !  Isn’t God wonderful ?  He is totally awesome !

~  I hope you will enjoy following our homeschooling journey this coming New Year !

Until Next Time ….

~ Linda~


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