~ Today’s Home Skills Lessons ~


~ Keeping the Home Fires Burning

~ Homemade Banana Bread Muffins

~ Homemade Chicken Soup

~ Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies

The house is warm today with the Wood fire burning in the furnace, its rather a damp and cool day outside.  No better day to Bake and Cook up some awesomely good foods.  We worked on our Thankful Turkey and will be working on several others things before next Thursday. I will be adding things to our Photo Journal on our blog and hope you will stop in regularly and grab a cup of coffee or tea !  Sit down for a moment and enjoy what were doing and maybe take home with you some great ideas.  I will be posting reviews of items we use also on this Blog, so get ready to hear about some new things we use and how they worked for us.   Remember that each Family, each child is different, so what works for us may or may not work for you.

But trying something once is worth it if it does work for you.